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Paying Cash for Gold

     Located at 846 Diamond St in Williamsport PA is the #1 Gold Buyer in Central Pennsylvania. We are paying Cash for Gold, Diamonds and Silver. Scrap Jewelry or fine resellable pieces we buy it all. We give the most honest and fair appraisals of merchandise and pay cash. If we assess the value of your Gold, Silver or other merchandise you can rest assured it is fair and accurate because we will make you a cash offer for it. Not an appraisal that has no basis in reality but an offer to buy Gold, Diamonds, Coins, Silver and more for cold hard cash!
     We carry a varying line of Car Audio equipment ranging from high end to entry level Subs, Amps and Head units.

     We also deal in home stereo and theatre equipment including but not limited to receivers, tower and bookshelf speakers, etc...

No Junk! Only Good quality merchandise bought and sold.
We also offer service and repair as well as salvage on all consumer electronics including Ipads, and other tablets, old gaming systems and laptop computer repair.
LED and LCD TV's all brands and sizes Bought and sold. Best prices and layaway available.
Our product lines vary in both price and quality from high end televisions and stereos to entry level equipment at bargain pricing. Our product lines are only limited by what can be bought and sold on the open market. You really never know what you might find on our shelves...
Xbox One
From New to old video games including the latest titles for Xbox One and Playstation 4. To undying classics for Nintendo and Atari and others.
Video Games
We carry accessories including but not limited to controllers, Headsets,etc... From Genesis to Xbox to Playstation 3. Details? Contact us by phone or on facebook.